Friday, March 02, 2007

The Most Trusted Man Who Still Tries to Ruin This Country

Now, my father told me I wasn't even born then and how would I know what I am talking about. But, I am sorry, I have to disagree on my interpretation on what happened with the Vietnam war.

I will try and keep this short, but sometimes I can't keep from venting.

My interpretation of the Vietnam war is that we were kicking ass and decimating the Viet Cong forces left and right. Yes, we lost a lot of brave courageous young Americans and I thank the Good Lord that people braver than I put their lives on the line so we can continue to live in freedom. But, I know our boys won every single battle there was in that war and the only reason why we lost is because the most narcissistic, selfish generation this nation has ever known turned against the country and their leader in propaganda was Walter Cronkite.

I do know that our brave United States armed forces wrecked the North Vietnamese in the Tet Offensive. I also know that the American people were lied to by "the most trusted man in America". Back then people had limited access to news and current events. Network news was one of the few avenues people could go to learn about what is going on in the world. This person took that trust the American people had in him and lied to them! LIED! There is nothing more detestable than someone to have a position of trust and abuse it for their own agenda. But that is what this man and an entire slew of left-wing journalists had done and continue to do so to this very day!

These hell bent anti-Americans did everything they could possibly do to make this country lose a war and have 50,000 plus Americans die in vain. I hope they are proud of themselves. I hope Walter Cronkite can go home and sleep at night with a smile on his face even though he ruined countless lives just by distorting and lying about what was really going on in a war that he was determined to undermine. I do know that he inspired an entire new generation of anti-Americans aspire to work in our newsrooms and network television and distort the war we are in now in the hope that we leave in defeat again!

OK, I promised I will try and keep this short. I did just take a deep breath. But, this a**hole is still at it. He's 90 freaking years old and he is still trying to make us lose another war.

From Investors Business Daily:

"The Viet Cong didn't reach a single one of its objectives and lost most of its 45,000 troops in attacks on 21 South Vietnamese cities. So massive was its defeat that it persuaded Hanoi to send North Vietnamese Army regulars south to carry on the fight.

What Cronkite doesn't mention is that defeat came not on the battlefield but in the halls of Congress. There, the "Watergate babies" of 1974 cut off aid to the valiant South Vietnamese who'd been successfully defending their country. The Democrats defunded that war, and they want to defund this one too.

For what? At this point it can be nothing but self-aggrandizement. He is so old and senile that he cannot remember who we deposed of in Iraq or that Obama is not in his 20's so maybe I shouldn't write this and let him go. But the damage he has done to our nation will never be forgiven in my mind.


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