Friday, March 02, 2007

These Two Again????

I have been dying to write lately. I swear I am too busy and don't have the time for this. Once I make my millions, I will do this full time and be the best. So, while I shouldn't be doing this now, I have to or else I will explode. Sometimes a man has to vent.

I guess only hardcore politicos and really hardcore liberals still pay any attention to these two, but I swear I have never seen two more worthless human beings milking what little fame they have for more than these two have.

So, here it is:

Valerie - you were nothing more than a desk jockey at a government beauracracy. Even the CIA needs office assistants. You are about a step more famous than Cindy Sheehan. Only the mainstream media hell bent on ruining this country in the name of politcal correctness and suffering from severe George Bush Derangement Syndrome would deem you as a courageous person. I swear, I've never seem so much self-congratulation in my life. Now, this leads me to your loser husband.....

Joe - you were a loser in a big government agency. Come on. That is the lowest of the low. You are one step above getting fired by the DMV. So, your wife took pity on you. How sad. Your wife has to bail your career out. Your wife probably got so sick of your ineptness and told her family, "maybe this will get Joe going" or "maybe I can pull some strings and get Joe off the couch and stop watching Jerry Springer".

But as I said only real hardcore liberals would be interested in these two or fund something so stupid. I mean, funding a movie about a supposed leak that was not a crime?

I know I shouldn't care. No one will even bother to see this movie, or maybe this is the last we'll hear about them after Scooter Libby gets acquitted, but I guess when I saw this it bacame the final straw.


Anonymous Chastity said...

Good for people to know.

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