Friday, June 09, 2006

Cindy, Meet Michael

Taking away a little bit of the joy of al-Zarqawi's death was to read what Michael Berg had to say. He blames President Bush and not al-Zarqawi for beheading his son although Zarqawi is on videotape personally doing in his son. Here's what Mr. Berg had to say:

From Hugh Hewitt's blog:
"I'm sorry when any human being dies...and I feel bad for that. His death will reignite yet another wave of revenge. It's an endless cycle as long as people use violence to fight violence...When Nick was killed I felt that I had nothing left to lose...I was not a risk-taking person, but I've done things that have endangered me. I have been shot at...Every time we kill an Iraqi...we are creating a large number of people who are going to want vengeance. When are we ever gonna learn that that doesn't work?

...More and more of these everyday Iraqi people...lose it and join what people call the insurgency and what I call a people You can't really believe that that's a democracy there when the people running the elections are holding guns...

I'm not saying Saddam Hussein's a good man, but he's no worse than George Bush Under Saddam Hussein, no al-Qaeda in Iraq; under George Bush, al-Qaeda. Under Saddam Hussein, relative stability; under George Bush, instability. Under Saddam Hussein, 30,000 deaths a year; under George Bush, about 50,000 deaths. I don't understand. Why is this better to have George Bush be the King of Iraq rather than Saddam Hussein?"

Man, is this guy delusional or what? His abject hate of George Bush refuses to let him face any kind of reality. Again, grief can be a legitimate excuse, but now that the guy is running for office because of his newfound celebrity, he is no longer immune from criticism.

I am sure both Michael Berg and Cindy Sheehan are, or were, grief stricken from losing their sons, it is really hard to sympathize with either based on their actions.

Both have been blaming Bush for their sons' deaths, but let's get one thing straight here. Sheehan's son was in the military (one thing), but he voluntarily re-enlisted to go back to Iraq. He was not, in any way, forced by George Bush to walk the Iraq plank. Berg's son was not in the military. He was an entrepreneur who specialized in communications systems and thought there was money to be made in Iraq. So, again, he was not forced to go there. He went there entirely of his own free will to make money.

So, it is time for these two despicable human beings to stop using their dead kids' graves as a catapult to celebrity and a platform for their left-wing politics.


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