Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spoiled, Stupid, Rich Kid Goes to Rehab

This is the moron who jumped from the upper deck at Yankee Stadium into the netting behind home plate last year. Last year, Scott Harper, 18 now told cops he was drinking at the game when he decided to jump off the upper deck. The result of this act of brilliance, was a new, strickly-enforced alcohol policy.

Whereas, in the past, if you were attending a game with more than one other person, you could go up to the concession stand and order beers for all your friends and not have everyone miss parts of the game. Also, if you looked like you were at least 28 years old, you wouldn't have to go digging into your wallet to find your license to show every single time you go to buy beer. Not any more, thanks to this F**K.

This punk from Armonk, NY was an aspiring rapper. Yes, if you know Armonk, NY, there aren't too many b**ches, hos or any house less than a couple million dollars. There is, however, marijuana in Armonk and the rich punk got caught driving under the influence and in possession of some. Just his latest run in with the law. Awhhh, too bad. Now, daddy has to send him to rehab in the hopes of avoiding any real punishment.

Here's hoping someone beats this kid up in jail, where he belongs.


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