Friday, September 30, 2005

Geena Clinton or is it Hillary Davis?

Is there anyone in this country that can tell me with a straight face that the new show starring Geena Davis as "The President" is not a propaganda show to enlighten the voting public how great it would be if we had a woman president?

I can imagine some of the episodes:

Right-wing nutjob who hates blacks, hispanics, a woman's right to choose and freedom of speech, tries to push through a piece of legislation that will turn back the clock on our civil rights. It is disguised as a security bill is almost successful in turning America into a big brother state, but President Rodham Davis saves the day by using her woman's intuition which helps her discover what this bill is really about and vetoes it. America is saved!!!

White supremacist movement from Texas is arming themselves for a war against disadvantaged minorities and their right to freedom. President Hillary Davis can tell they are "haters" and sends in the ATF just in the nick of time. America is saved!!!

A powerful congressman who claims he is dismayed with the state of education these days, proposes holding schools accountable for poor performance by cutting their budget and bussing the kids to better schools, is really lying. He really wants to hurt "the children" and cut education! President Geena Clinton always keeps "the children" as her top priority, therefore defeats this evil child-hater by announcing she will increase education funding by raising taxes. Everyone in America is willing to give a few cents more a day as long as it's for "the children". After all, it takes a village to raise a child. America is saved!!!

I think I have a career as a Hollywood writer ahead of me. What do you think?


Anonymous Ira Schwartz said...

First of all, why do you think she is a democrat on the show? Do you think it's because the republicans are still furious that women are allowed to vote? Does your mother vote? Do you even have one, you psycho hillbilly? Is she proud of you? Does she know what you do in private? Hypocrite...

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Chris Stone said...

Hollywood and the execs running the shows there will not be beating down your door. First of all, your anti-feminism reaks of a cowardice that only a backwards redneck might feel if his woman was making more money than he is. Second of all, your lack of imagination towards what you believe a woman could or couldn't do, as opposed to what we have seen the great "men" of our time do for our country....well, I really don't think a woman could do any worse. All together now, please say, Harriet Miers...who is she? At least we know who President Geena Rodham Hillary Davis is supposed to be, a fictional character that could possibly be, on another plane of our existance, like Robert Langdon or Stefan Kreiger, who will make it all magically better. Keep the rants to your blog, leave the fiction to the professionals.

1:48 AM  

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