Friday, October 14, 2005

The Enemy Within

While we know that the Mainstream Media is overwhelmingly biased to the Left and downright obsessed with making the Bush administration and the Iraq war look as bad as possible, this research study shows just how bad it is.

Is it not bad enough that we face a threat called Islamofacism that is intent in bringing the world back to the 7th century of Islamic rule? We face an enemy that does not adhere to rules of war, has no respect for any human life, hates all that do not adhere to their sick perverse form of Islam, yet the media here and in Europe seem to either ignore these facts or flat out want them to succeed in order to make America and specifically the Bush administration look bad. It is disgusting to me that people like Katie Couric, Dan Rather, Maureen Dowd, and countless other "reporters" and "journalists", people who all make a very good living in this country continue to play into the hands of terrorist propaganda to settle perceived scores against this administration. It is SICK!

These people need to realize that Bush is president because he won. Get over it. He will be out of office in January 2009, maybe the person you want will be the one in office then, maybe not. But accept it and get behind your country for crissakes! This behavior would never have been tolerated during World War II because people had respect for each other then. They wanted their country to prosper. They wanted their country to win a war against facism and tyranny not unlike the current enemy we face today. But today people want to either be blind to the fact or flat out want their own country to lose! Unfathomable.

Last week there was a letter from Ayman al-Zawahiri (Osama's #2 man) to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi detailing the Islamofacist plan to bring the world to its surrender. In short they hope we leave Iraq soon (because we ran from Vietnam) so they can establish their Muslim state. From there, they intend to spread their evil faith throughout the entire Middle East extending to Asia. In the meantime, destroying and killing all who don't convert to their form of religion. In time, they will acquire the WMDs they seek from Iran or Pakistan and will turn them on the civilized parts of the world. So basically live your life in fear and misery 7th century style or be annihilated. This is not coming from the Bush administration. It is coming directly from the animals who want us all dead! Does anyone get it anymore?

A major part of their strategy is winning the propaganda war. Simply put, they want the American public to see and read daily of car bombings, GIs killed and overall chaos until people here think, "why are we letting our boys get killed for a bunch of ungrateful Iraqis? This is not worth it, let them kill each other." If that was the case, I would agree with that thinking. For the most part, I would be fine if they would go on killing each other halfway across the world, but that is not the long-term plan of the vermin who wage this un-holy war. The ultimate target is us. This is the world war of our time. Period.

That is why the coverage of this war sickens me on a daily basis. I hold the majority of the mainstream press responsible for TREASON. These soulless creatures play right into the other soulless creatures' grand master plan.


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