Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Horror! Son of....

...Dracula? Son of Frankenstein? Son of the Blob? Oh No! It is Son of The Worst President of the United States!

Jimmy Carter's son is mulling a race for the Senate! AAAHHHHH!!!

Jimmy's son Jack says he is "more concerned than ever with the way the country is headed." And, apparently we need him to save the day.

Don't get me wrong, George W is not winning any popularity contests lately. Liberals hate him, Old Europe hates him, terrorists hate him, he is even pissing off his dwindling supporters with all these godawful crony appointments and obnoxious spending habits. But, if Jack Carter is more concerned than ever before, then he really wasn't paying much attention during his father's term.

Listen Jack, if you plan to govern any way remotely close to the way your father did, spare us. We don't need your help. In fact, this announcement so close to Halloween, one would think it is a cheap horror movie sequel. Son of Jimmy Carter!! Scary!


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