Friday, April 21, 2006

Albright Leg Presses 400 lbs!

Yeah, every time she stands up.

Seriously, is there any question that the NY Times the official newsletter of the Hillary for President campaign? Clay Waters explains that despite a ranking of 9 by the American Conservative Union (pretty darn liberal), the Times continues to describe her as a moderate and "mainstream". Puh-leeze.

Now, this Sunday's NY Times Magazine section has a in-depth interview with Madeline Albright. Why is this woman newsworthy right now? Because it will be another puff-piece about the Clinton years to will help Hillary for her quest for the White House. Apparently, Ms. Albright will go on about how this war is a mistake and Saddam was not a threat, blah, blah, blah. How would she know? This woman did not see any threat to the U.S. during her tenure as Secretary of State. She wouldn't know a threat if it bit her in the ass. The entire Clinton administration had its head in the sand for 8 years while al-Qaeda prepared for its war on America. Now, the NY Times is doing all it can to put us back to the time where the U.S. had its head in the sand and ass up in the air.


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