Friday, April 24, 2009

Clima-cryte Scam Artist runs and hides from debate....again

What's the matter, Colonel Sanders? Chicken?

Climate Depot reports that House Democrats were planning on yet another hearing on the Global Warming Scam/Myth and had a "celebrity" guest speaker coming! Really. The economy is a disaster, Iran is building nukes, North Korea is figuring out how to get their nukes to reach the US and now the Taliban is making tremendous strides in taking over Pakistan and their nukes, but let us focus on Global Warming. Priorities, folks.

Well, the Dems "celebrity" turned out to be the Goracle. The GOP then said they would come up with their own "celebrity" to debate Mr. The-Debate-Is-Over.

Turns out, the Repubs celebrity is someone I've never heard of, but was Margaret Thatcher's science advisor, Lord Christopher Monckton. A Global Warming skeptic that's been trying to debate Gore for years.

Upon this revelation, the House Dims have rescinded his invite to appear with their beloved Global Warming Alarmist. You see, free speech and open debate gets in the way when you have a leftist agenda to force down our throats.

I guess Al Gore really meant what he said when he declared the "debate is over" on Global Warming, but who know he meant that he would refuse to debate anyone over the merits of the tonic he's selling?


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