Friday, June 19, 2009

Seventh Anointed Apostle of the New Messiah with Tax Problems

I thought it was laughable the fifth and sixth time The Most Inept Administration Ever nominated tax cheats for cabinet positions, now I am beginning to think it is insulting to the American people that he thinks he can get away with this. This time it is Capricia Penavic Marshall, the Fresh Prince's choice as chief of protocol for the State Department.

As Ed Morrissey says:

No one doubts that the president who gave Region 1 DVDs to the British Prime Minister as an official gift and an iPod to the Queen with his own speeches preloaded needs a Chief of Protocol — and needs one very badly. However, can this administration pick someone — anyone — who has paid their taxes properly?

What separates this one from the others is her excuse. 2005 got put in the wrong folder and 2006 got lost in the mail! Sheesh! A fifth-grader could come up with better excuses. But, then again, the Obamabots take the American public for a bunch of idiots, so this should fly!

All cabinet positions go through a vetting process. Why are they consistently not asking "did you file and pay your taxes?" to these people? Is it because they think that only the little people pay taxes? Liberals exempt from taxation? Or, is it complete incompetence?

Whatever the reason, it is an embarrassment and insulting.


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