Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mayor Megalomaniac Loses Reason for Third Term, His Temper

The only reason Mike Bloomberg became Mayor of NYC in the first place was because of term limits on his predecessor. After 9/11, Rudy Giuliani would have been a landslide shoo-in for a third term as mayor. However, the law was the law and he could not run again. The people had spoken twice in voter referendums for term limits in New York City. There was even a trial balloon floated that maybe Giuliani should stick around for an extra few months to continue his leadership after the terrorist attacks. It was shot down very quickly, the public would not stand for breaking the terms limit law it was said at the time.

Today, we have a financial crisis at hand. The economy is a disaster everywhere. New York, especially, is in financial shambles. It was this current crisis that Mike Bloomberg uses as a reason why we need him back for a third term. Apparently, a financial crisis is more devastating to New York than the worst attack against Americans on US Soil. Thank goodness we have a billionaire in office then! He knows about money! He'll fix things! So, Mayor Megalomaniac turned to his buddies on the City Council to overturn the will of the people and rescind the term limits law so he can continue to feed his ego and stay on as mayor. Not a bad deal, huh?

Picture it going down like this:

Mayor: "Hey, you guys get to stay in power if I do and I'll make sure to throw tons of money into your campaign coffers!"

Council Speaker: "Sounds like a win-win! We all win! We want to stay in power too!"

Voting Public: "Hey, wait a minute...there's a law against that, you know. We voted for it twice!"

Mayor and Council Speaker: "SHUT UP!"

Mayor: "You people don't know what's best for you. Remember, you used to smoke in bars and eat transfats? I mean, if I didn't save you from yourselves, you'd all be dead now! I know this because my health, commissioner said that 8 million NYC residents die of second hand smoke every week! Silly subjects."

Council Speaker: "All those in favor of keeping their cushy jobs say 'Aye'."

Council Members: "AYE!!!!!!"

So, now the spoiled billionaire gets his way and is running for a third term, you know, to help us out of this financial morass we find ourselves in. No mention of the fact that he had 8 years to propose reforms to prevent, or lessen, the impact of this crisis. No, none of that. He's here to save us!

This clip below is from a news conference where the Mayor tries to convince the public that things may not be as bad as it seems and we're making progress towards a recovery. That leads to a reporter to dare ask him perhaps maybe the reason for running for a third term is not warranted after all! The reporter soon learns that it is not prudent to question his ruler's reasoning and gets called a "disgrace" for his efforts. Disgusting.

Sorry, Mayor Mike, you are the disgrace here!


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