Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5 Surprise Quizzes - 5 Fs

Have you seen junior's grades?
Joe Biden is not right too often, but he sure was right on the money when he said the world would test our new President with the least amount of experience since John F. Kennedy, just like JFK himself was tested by the Soviets.

This time, it's China that's testing the mettle of the Fresh Prince. Four times since the initial confrontation that was reported here in the US.

China seems to enjoy sending fishing boats to harass unarmed US Navy surveillance ships in international waters. Why not? They suffer no repercussions whatsoever. After the first incident, the US response was, “We will be developing a way forward to deal with this diplomatically.” there anything these guys don't want to have a diplomatic discussion about?

Oh, you didn't hear about this? Yeah, me neither. At least I didn't from the Obamaganda machine, I mean, the US press.

Unfortunately, we have to rely on foreign newspapers to get an account of just how little respect the New Messiah is getting from international community.


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