Thursday, December 31, 2009

Isolated Extremist? REALLY?

Just a bad Joke? Or evil Joker?

I am beginning to change my opinion of the President. I no longer think he's a completely inept, ill-equipped neophyte that has no idea what he's doing and am beginning to think that this man is dangerous to this country. I could go on about bankrupting the country, supporting dictators, or eliminating American freedoms by mandating government run health care, but I will address the most important threat to this nation. Terrorism, or the War on Terror has all but been ignored or denied by this administration and hundreds of Americans almost got killed due to this apathy on Christmas.

al-Qaeda is a highly sophisticated terrorist organization that has very dangerous, highly-trained lunatics hell bent on our destruction. The organization has members in dozens of countries and is constantly recruiting new members in all sorts of ways, from prayer groups to facebook. They have terrorist camps throughout the Middle East and Africa. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was one of their recruits. He left his home for an al-Qaeda training camp in Yemen to commit jihad against the United States. He, according to the Yemen government, is one of hundreds trained and committed to terrorist attacks on the United States.

Now, our idiot (or dangerous?) President decides to downplay any connection to a significant radical religious movement that has killed thousands of Americans in the past and is dedicated to killing us all by calling him an "isolated extremist". Are you F&#king Kidding Me?

It is exactly this naive (or negligent?) attitude that allows Muslim terrorists take advantage of our laws and political correctness and kill us. Does The Chosen One care and is just incompetent? Or, is he deliberately enabling them? These days, I am really beginning to wonder.


Blogger thara said...

So?! That is NOT a excuse for appalling behavior, is it?! You have NO idea what Obama has done for this country, so shut up. You're a NASTY RIGHT WING EXTREMIST. Oh and you're just as bad as Al Qaeda, if not worse. Shame on you. I think you must have verbal diarrhea, weirdo.

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