Thursday, December 17, 2009

What a Solid B+ Looks Like Today


Anyone who knows me knows I am a NY Post junkie. I ready cover-to-cover daily. For every Ashley Dupree stunt that damages the paper's credibility, there is a new writer that I am introduced to. So far, I am really liking the Michael Goodwin column. Yesterday's had probably one of the best summaries written on this train wreck of an administration:

Voters by a large margin have said for months they don't want the health-care overhaul he's pushing, so he pushes harder. They want less spending and debt, so he doubles down on pork, bailouts, handouts and taxes.

They thought he would deliver bipartisanship, and he gives his hard-left allies the keys to the kingdom.

They worry about terrorism, so he wants to close Gitmo and move the worst of the worst to the homeland. With Ground Zero still a mess, he gives the 9/11 plotters civilian trials in New York.

His approval ratings are speeding downhill and some 60 percent say the country is on the wrong track. He responds by giving himself a "good solid B-plus" for his first year.

And he says Wall Street bankers "don't get it."

A solid B+? Really???


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