Thursday, January 22, 2009

Messiah Wants More of the Same for Energy Policy

If there was a bright spot from the energy crisis of last summer, it was the debate of how we use energy, where it comes from and possible solutions to find clean, cost-efficient ways to power our country. Or even, just to find ways to lower our energy costs.

So what if it took gasoline to rise above $4 to get the country thinking about alternative sources of energy and change the status quo? This was a topic that has been put off for decades as our politicians continued to kick the can down the road. Let-the-next-guy-deal-with-it has been the way of doing business in Washington for a long time now.

Over the past several decades, we have sent trillions of dollars overseas to oil producing nations. Countless billions of dollars have gone to such countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Places where our money keeps despots in power. Places where the absurdly affluent ruling class encourage their impoverished population to hate us and destroy us through religious schools and state run propaganda. The uneducated masses of these countries have heard over and over that the reason why they live in squalor is not because their leaders are taking all the money that comes into the country to themselves, but the Great Satan, the United States is keeping them in poverty.

Wouldn't common sense dictate, that if we had the chance to cut off funding to people who hate us, it would be a brilliant move to make? Cut off the money, then they have to fend for themselves. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Now, here we have this chance to use our own resources. Public opinion in the United States is all for drilling our own resources of oil. The powerful environmentalist lobby is on the losing side. We have oil offshore, in the midwest in shale and in ANWR. Wouldn't it make sense to use our own resources, create American jobs and keep our money away from funding anti-American terrorists? You, and I would think so. But, our new president and many members of congress don't.

I was saddened to see that Reuters is reporting that Obama may issue an order to stop offshore drilling expansion put in place by the Bush Administration. It may even stop developing oil shale fields.

Talk about an opportunity blown.


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