Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Clinton's Berg(l)er

I'll have to admit I stole the play on the “Berg(l)er”. I think it was from Michelle Malkin (my favorite blogger).

The guy has been out of office for more than four years, yet we still have another Clinton scandal to add to the long, long (and apparently, never-ending) list of scandals that has come from our boy Slick Willie and his band of scam artists.

Sandy “Socks” Berger is the latest in a long line of people (Susan McDougal, Vince Foster, Monica Lewinsky, Johnnie Chung, former Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker and Webb Hubbell) who have taken the fall to protect the Clintons. This is well detailed in the latest Dick Morris column.

I have been looking for months for the latest news on Sandy to no avail. The MSM apparently didn’t deem this story newsworthy. A senior member of the Clinton’s Cabinet stealing and destroying confidential documents that could’ve exposed the Administration’s culpability for the September 11 attacks is not “news that’s fit to print” apparently.

Well, Sandy “Scissorhands” Berger has pleaded guilty to stealing these documents, then cutting them up and destroying them in his fireplace (perhaps he was swirling a glass of brandy by the fire in his robe). Bill Clinton’s reaction? “Well, that’s Sandy for you. We were laughing about it on the way here.” This is a laughable accusation? Is the public really this stupid to buy this one? The guy stuffed these documents in his pants, socks and jacket inadvertently!?!? I am not surprised though. The Clinton’s have been playing the country for fools for many years now and, you know what? We are fools! It is laughable to him. He must’ve been thinking to himself, “what a bunch of suckers, no one will care about this in six months.” And he is right. Our former snake oil salesman, I mean, President and his wife get away with it all the time.

Ok, ok, Sandy “Firestarter” Berger admitted his wrongdoing. He pleaded guilty to…a misdemeanor? Stealing confidential, top-secret documents is a misdemeanor? Smoking pot in public is a misdemeanor, destroying evidence is a felony in my book. At least, according to Dick Morris, the Berg(l)er’s path to being the next Democratic Secretary of State is ruined. No worries though, Hillary made it clear that Sandy is still in the Clintonista family.

Stay tuned, I am sure we’ll have many more stories of illegal fund raisers, back-handed deals for voting blocks, shared weapons secrets with enemies, ignored terror threats and witness intimidation to look forward to when Hillary gets her turn to run for President.


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