Sunday, May 15, 2005

Activist Hypocracy

Sorry this isn't very recent, but I have been very busy lately and it has significantly cut down on my blogging. So, I apologize to all 5 readers out there! ;-)

Here are 2 stories that the
best blogger on the planet, Michelle Malkin brought to my attention:

First, the Environ(mentals):

Check out this news story.

The holier-than-thou jerks at Greenpeace were patrolling Alaska's waters in their ship to prevent logging in the Tongass National Forest. The Greenpeace boat was carrying over 70,000 gallons of petroleum. Unfortunately for nature's watchdogs, you need a permit to carry so much petroleum stating they have a spill plan and some proof of financial responsibility if it had a Valdez-type incident. Greenpeace apparently didn't feel it was obligated to environmental laws when they went on their little campaign to stop logging. So a judge found them guilty on 2 counts of criminal negligence. Just a minor detail. I mean, caring for the environment is secondary to bringing down those evil corporations.

You can't make this stuff up.

Now the Animals at PETA:

(Again, I first learned of this through Michelle Malkin.)

While on the subject of activist hypocracy, here's a hypothetical question:

Who would you want to care for your dog if you were out of town?

a) an "animal-wearing" fur coat owner?


b) PETA?

Well, if you want your dog to be unharmed, I would suggest the fur coat owner. If your dog was being "cared for" by PETA, it might not make it through the night! PETA kills more defenseless animals than any fur coat owner.


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