Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Better Plan for Detroit

On top of the $17.4 Billion given to GM and Chrysler because they were "too big to fail", we now learn that they both need MORE money to stay afloat! Surprise!

If their requests are granted, the total cost would be $39 Billion! That's $39,000,000,000! Even with that staggering amount of money, they both would still have to lay off tens of thousands of employees.

Can we now stop pretending that there's any chance whatsoever these companies will one day become sustaining, or even profitable, companies? How much money has to be thrown in a black hole after previous infusions don't work? Where does this insanity end?

With this in mind, I have come up with a better plan for Detroit. There are 2 versions of it:

1. The $17.4 Billion Plan. The same cost as what has been wasted already. This is written of as a loss and whatever money remains will be used to build a fence around the city limits of Detroit and become the first country in history to "de-annex" territory.

2. The $39 Billion Plan. Carve the bedrock along the city limits of Detroit and haul it to sink into Lake St. Clair or Lake Erie.


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