Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Great Hockey Player, Greater Person

Last night, the New York Rangers raised Adam Graves' number 9 to the rafters of Madison Square Garden. Any Ranger fan will tell you he deserved this honor for his achievements on the ice, however, those same fans will tell you there are plenty more reasons why this man should be honored.

Adam Graves was one of the most selfless professional athletes to ever play any sport. His charitable contributions and time spent with those less fortunate should be an example to all who can make a difference.

Every single article about last night had a significant piece about his contributions to others, visits to hospitals cheering up kids, running the Toys for Tots program for the Rangers or spending hours befriending people a lot less fortunate than you or me.

One quick way to get a glimpse on how he touched others, take a look at this video from the Garden last night. Before he even goes out to the cheers of the raucous crowd at MSG, he's below the stands walking down the hallway leading to the rink. Now, usually there would be family, friends and teammates here. But with Adam, you see just how many friends he gained from his time in New York, by befriending them when they were down and out. See just how happy everyone is for him, regardless of their own circumstances.

Warning: May cause your screen to get blurry!


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