Thursday, February 05, 2009

Transition Turmoil

Stressful New Job

Unless you have a scorecard, its damn near impossible to keep up with all the mistakes this administration has made throughout its transition. Once hailed as a smooth, well thought out transition with an unprecedented vetting process by The New Messiah's acolytes in the press, it is quickly becoming a disastrous first few weeks. In fact, one would not be out of hand to suggest that maybe this job is overwhelming the Great Campaigner for the Next Job.

Hotair's Ed Morrissey has a pretty concise summary on just how bad things are going for The Chosen One.

Some of the highlights, er...lowlights from of the New Era of Hope and Change:

* After 2 years railing against lobbyist influence in Washington, Obama nominates 13 lobbyists for appointments in his administration.

* 3 tax cheats are nominated for Cabinet positions. If you, or I, made these "mistakes" on our taxes, we'd be looking at some SERIOUS penalties, liens on our property, or even prosecution. In Obama's world, that makes you Cabinet about we put you in charge of the IRS!?!? You can't make this up!

* His nomination for Secretary of Commerce had to bail out because he's under investigation of a pay-for-influence scandal!!!

* Appointed a Secretary of State whose family's primary income seems to have come from Saudi Arabian princes and businessmen. There is also MILLIONS of dollars from other friendly places like China, Russia, Syria, Oman, Dubai and Kuwait.

Mr. Fox, I now nominate you as Head of Hen House Homeland Security!


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