Thursday, March 12, 2009

Transition Turmoil - Part 2

I dare anyone, ANYONE to refute what I am stating:

This is the worst administration at this point (52 days) in the history of the United States.

No one with a brain would argue this point. Anyone who is an Obama supporter will choose to go on about George Bush rather than defend their guy now. I know how it is, it took me 6 years to finally stop defending George Bush, but 52 days??? It may be early, but the missteps this group of egomaniacal neophytes is unsurpassed in history.

Today, Day 52, his tech office gets raided for a bribery investigation and yet another Treasury nominee withdraws. Does this guy know anyone who is not crooked or a tax cheat? What else at Day 52....hmm....the market is down 25%, China senses weakness and illegally confronts an unarmed US surveillance ship, our new buddies in Iran demand an apology from the US before any talks can begin, 8,500 earmarks in the latest bill signed by Mr. Earmark-Reform-Campaign-Promise-Guy and a half-staffed Treasury Department that the press claims he's focused like a laser on.

Below is from the NY Post. A quick scorecard on how poor his vetting process is:

There's plenty of time to get this turned around. For the sake of the nation, we better hope he does. Let's just call it as it is, folks. The worst start in history.


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