Friday, April 08, 2005

Rebuild the Twin Towers!

Almost four years after the Twin Towers site was reduced to the hideous pit it is today, there is some good news. Apparently, more and more people are coming around to the idea of rebuilding the Twin Towers to their former glory. God, I hope so!! The monstrous Freedom Tower with its defeatist "reflecting pools" and still-to-be-settled various memorials that turn the site into a necropolis would be nothing but a triumph to the filthy animals who destroyed it. It would be the symbol of Osama bin Laden's victory over the United States and a shame to all who live here. A majority of New Yorkers have always favored rebuilding the Twin Towers. Unfortunately, Governor Pataki refused to let them be an option in the rebuilding process. Instead, he installed yet another bureaucracy (as if New York doesn't have enough!) to oversee what gets built and who gets what federal money. Now, with the current groundswell of support, maybe King George Pataki will disband his crony-filled Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and accept the will of the people.

There was never any public movement for the silly Freedom Tower. It was picked from a handful of other useless designs to choose from. Unfortunately, rebuilding the Twin Towers was never an option to vote on. Pataki refused to allow any discussion of returning the World Trade Center to its former glory! It was a shameless display of our government deciding what's best for the public without any public input. Even when people were still skittish about the attacks, poll after poll consistently reported more than 50% of New Yorkers wanted the Twin Towers rebuilt.

I can't help but feel a pang of sadness every time I walked by, or entered the pit via the PATH train. The construction crews cleared the place out and got the PATH trains running well ahead of schedule, but the endless bickering and haggling dragged down any real construction efforts. Now, I believe all the fighting between Daniel Libeskind (designer of the freedom tower), David Childs (the guy who would build it), Larry Silverstein (holder of the lease) and finally, do-nothing George was a blessing in disguise. Now there is a movement for rebuilding the Towers and restoring New York City's skyline. Please take a look at these articles by:

Deroy Murdock

Nicole Gelinas

New York Post Editorial

This is a website that promotes rebuilding, Team Twin Towers. Please feel free to make a donation to help them get the word out. I contributed to them over the past couple of years and they sent me the coolest t-shirt. It is the "REBUILD" logo on the upper right on the homepage. I wear it all the time.

Check out the design: Twin Towers II

The United States has rebounded tremendously since that awful day. Our economy has recovered, we've defeated the Taliban and installed a democracy there. We've toppled Saddam Hussein and, they too, have embraced democracy. Syria is planning to withdraw from Lebanon, Palestinians have had free elections and Libya has been cooperating with the West. There is plenty left to do and there will be plenty of setbacks ahead in the War on Terror. But, let's continue the current winning streak and REBUILD THE TWIN TOWERS!!!


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What is wrong with you? Your views are completely off base.

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What kind of a stupid name is KC Luva? Do you think you're Don Juan or something?

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