Monday, May 16, 2005

Surprise! Top Russian Officials are Implicated in Oil-for-Food

Is there any sane person on the planet who still believes that France, Germany, Russia and other European opposition to the Iraq war had to do with "U.S. Imperialism" or "U.S. Unilateralism"?

With the exception of a bunch of stupid, wannabe hippies, the opposition to this war was entirely about Euro-aristocrat politicians feeding at the trough of Saddam while Iraqi children were starving, mothers and daughters getting raped and brothers and husbands being murdered by Saddam's thugs. So when the US decided enough was enough, we had our Old Europe Allies turn on us. You see, we were costing very rich, powerful people millions in illegal oil vouchers.

Today, top Russian Officials are now the latest implicated in the most corrupt program in humankind's history, perpetrated by the most evil organization known to man, the United Nations. Kofi must be an antheist because if I were him, I'd be worried about my soul. The man has the blood of millions of innocent people on his hands.


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