Friday, July 08, 2005

Aruban Hospitality

Although the story is tragic and it is a shame to see a young person with her whole life ahead of her stolen, I must say I have been sick to death of the news coverage of Natalee Hollaway's disappearance. For the past month, the cable news programs would have about 50 minutes of every hour dedicated to her disappearance. One thing that has been repeated over and over again is that the Arubans are upset about the media coverage because Aruba is a very safe island and its people and economy rely on tourism. If I heard that Aruba is safe and the people are friendly, I've heard it a million times!

I won't go through the whole heartbreaking story, I am sure you already know it. The girl's poor mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, has been searching for the truth about what happened to her daughter for over a month. During this time, she has seen 5 suspects arrested and later released. Imagine the frustration and heartbreak this woman must be going through!

Then, the other day, I saw Arubans protesting the media coverage of their island and some, in particular, attacking Holloway Twitty! Unreal! The woman lost her daughter and has been trying in vain for a month to get to the bottom of it and you are going to protest her?!?!

Well, I will say one thing. I will never, ever visit Aruba. Not because I fear for my safety, but because a lot of the people there are a bunch of jerks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What did she expect? She got better treatment in Aruba than she ever would have gotten in the US. She even got to meet their Prime minister. They only turned on her after she and several pundits continued to mock their laws and efforts on TV.

What is wrong with letting the suspects go? I'm suprised a fair minded person like you is willing to hang those boys on the basis of the limited and distorted evidence presented by Abrams, Van Susteren et al.

Just imagine how far an Aruban mother in Beth's shoes would get in the US. The mother of the African guy that perished in a hail of 41 NYPD bullets didn't even get a note from Mayor Gulliani's.

May I suggest you boycott California and Colorado as well. They botched the Simpson & Jon Benet cases after all.

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