Wednesday, June 01, 2005

God Bless Our Troops

I wanted to post this over Memorial Day weekend, but again, I have been swamped. So here's a belated post to the troops.

I just wanted to say while we were out enjoying our barbeques and drinking beer, we owe it all the servicemen and women all around the world that make our life of freedom the way it is. It is too easy to overlook the sacrifices these young people make every day for us. I just wanted to point out one site, called If you can look at this site and not have tears in your eyes, you are Un-American. While visiting, you can sign the guest book and write a quick note to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

While thinking of the troops, you also may want to stop by the USO site and donate a care package for a soldier defending your freedoms. For $25, a care package provides such minimal items that we take for granted every day like a disposable camera, phone cards, sunscreen and toiletries.


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