Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Donald Comes to Save the Day

I've never been a fan of Donald Trump. In short, I've always felt he was a blowhard and way too full of himself. But this post is not to condemn The Donald, but to praise him.

About a month ago, Trump said in an interview exactly what an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers think about the Freedom Tower. In short, "the design for the Freedom Tower is an egghead design, designed by an egghead which has no practical application and which, frankly, didn't look very good." Amen.

This quote motivated thousands of New Yorkers and Americans to write and ask Mr. Trump to step in and stop Pataki from jamming the Freedom Tower Travesty down our throats.

Like a true New Yorker, The Donald stepped up. Tomorrow, he will unveil his design for the World Trade Center that takes the original design and makes it one story taller.

Let's see King George Pataki and the egghead ignore this!

Rebuild the Twin Towers!


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