Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Traitor Reveals Himself

After over 30 years, Deep Throat reveals himself to the public. A deathbed confession from a G-man who betrayed his profession? A man so wrought with guilt that he undermined all of his superiors and caused the nation to look weak in the heat of the Cold War? Unfortunately, the answer is no to both questions. It is time to pay some of his family's bills, so before he dies or loses all of his memory, it is book-deal time.

W. Mark Felt was the FBI's number 2 man. After J. Edgar Hoover was gone, he didn't get the top job. So basically, a very bitter man who got passed over for promotion decided to take it to the President. If he knew all these connections to the Watergate break in led to the Nixon White House, he should have told prosecuters. That would have been his professional duty. But, W. Mark Felt was a small, bitter man. He took the weasel way out. He went to the press instead.

Now, today, there is a buck to be made. Therefore, Mr. Felt is not only a traitor and a rat, he is now a whore. I guess Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein saw something in him, hence the name Deep Throat.


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