Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bloomberg's Anti-Smoking Policies Kill Again

After Michael Bloomberg became Mayor of New York City he declared war on smoking. The reason? He hates smoking and smokers. Apparently, whenever he went to dinner at, say, Cirpriani or Daniel, he hated when people smoked in his hoity toity restaurants. Therefore, one of his first moves after becoming mayor was to ban smoking in all restaurants and bars.
This move took many people by surprise, after all, there was no major groundswell of support

A fued between two cigarette bootleggers led to one killing another. Cigarette bootleggers? One might ask, who bootlegs a legal product? Well, in New York City, bootlegging cigarettes is a profitable industry. You see, because Mayor Mike hates smoking, he raised taxes on cigarettes to a level that makes them the most expensive in the country. A pack of cigarettes in New York City will set you back $7.50. If you bought the same pack of cigarettes in North Carolina, it will cost $2.50. That's $5 in taxes a pack! So, when you create such a disparity in price, you create a black market. When you create a black market, the end result is crime and eventually, it will lead in murder.

This is the second time Bloomberg's anti-smoking policies have led to someone's death. The first is when a bouncer got stabbed for asking a patron to leave the bar because he was smoking. Mayor Mike's reasoning for banning smoking in bars was "to protect bar employees' health." He then went on to cite false statements about second-hand smoke killing thousands of non-smokers every year. This statement is patently false. There has NEVER been an autopsy stating "second hand smoke" as the cause of death. NEVER. So, no lives are saved in Mike's crusade against smokers, but 2 people are now dead.


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