Monday, June 13, 2005

Back to the Bad New York?

Beggers who infest our streets harrassing people for money are now suing the city to continue their aggressive panhandling.

(By the way, the woman pictured in the Post article is fairly well off for a panhandler. The Post followed her months ago back to her Harlem co-op and exposed her for the fraud that she is.)

Anyone who remembers New York City before Rudy Guiliani will tell of tales of filthy squeegie men who would basically attack any motorist who dared come into the city. The second you would pull up to a red light, there would be a couple of degenerates trying to wash your car windshield with dirty water and newspaper then demand money for their unwanted service. I remember panhandlers in nearly every busy subway entrance accosting law-abiding citizens on their way to work and intimidating them for spare change. Ever have a nice outdoor meal ruined by some dirtbag with his hand out over your table? It's not a pretty experience.

If this lawsuit is successful, we are taking yet another step back to the dark days. If I am ever again approached by some degenerate shaking his coffee cup full of change at me, I just might smack the cup out of his hand and laugh while watching him chase down his ill-gotten change.


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You sound like my kind of guy. See this post at Vote for Judges.

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