Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Using Terri Cont'd

I know I started off on the Terri Schiavo subject as a neutral observer. However, after seeing how the Dems have operated for the past 10 years or so, why doesn't this surprise me?

Apparently, there was a memo being circulated that addressed the 55 Republican members to use the Schiavo case to their advantage in advancing the "ole hard-right extremist pro-life" agenda that the stupid states love. Only problem is, no one signed this memo and nor is it on any official letterhead. Not exactly Senate procedures, ya think?

Unfortunately, ABC bit this one hook, line and sinker and reported it as a legitimate story, then the NY Post cited the ABC report in their editorial page!! (I am surprised at my beloved Post). Either way, I guess if it is bad news for Republicans, there is no reason to check facts with the MSM.

The Powerline guys are on top of this one.

Check out their findings here, and here.

The Terri Schiavo Fiasco

I know this is probably in poor taste, but I cannot wait until this is over. I had a hard time discerning just what side I was on throughout this tragedy. I am a Libertarian who swings way right on most matters, so I am usually on the GOP side. But on this one, I am on the fence. I hate to see news clips of this poor woman looking like a vegetable and I most certainly would not want to live in that physical state (for my loved ones, please keep this in mind if something like this ever happens to me), however I cannot see what is "humane" about letting this woman starve to death.

While I have an opinion on just about everything, this article by Richard Lowry helped make sense of it all. At least I can have an opinion on the sick opportunists that use this poor woman's tragedy to get their name in the press for the day.