Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stupid Hollywood Actors

I've heard so many stupid statements out of the mouths of ignorant celebrities about American foreign policy and the current administration that it doesn't even really faze me anymore. So whoever this Meg Glendynhall person is, I hear she's a movie star, she's the latest Hollywood idiot caught America-bashing. I didn't know who this person was and didn't really care all that much about what she said, but I found this blog and it is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. This guy really lets what's-her-face have it.

If you want an accurate depiction of some of the clowns that entertain us in movies, see Team America when it comes out on DVD. It is the funniest movie I have ever seen. Seeing so many jerks like Alec Baldwin, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Jeanneane (learn how to spell your name, idiot) Garafalo, Susan Sarandon and crew portrayed as they are is side-splitting and well-deserved.

Informed on Social Security

Finally, a poll that shows what people think about Social Security choice once they are informed on the topic.

Unfortunately, the last thing the AARP and the Democrats want is people informed on reforming Social Security.

See this spectacle of the ignorant.

I remember years ago (1991, 1992?) seeing a poll in Fortune Magazine that said that people my age (at the time 18-24) were more likely to believe in UFOs than believing they will receive Social Security Benefits when they reach retirement. I couldn't believe it at the time, I am not the only one who felt this way! Unfortunately, not much has changed in the decade or so since that poll was taken. I still believe there is a higher probability of the existance of UFOs than the chance Social Security, in its current state, will be there when I turn 60.

To put it in simple terms, when Social Security was conceived, there were 16 workers supporting each retiree. Today, there are 2 workers supporting each beneficiary. Given the population trend (we are having less children), there will soon be less than 1, which makes the program unsustainable in its current form.

I could go on and on about age and population trends, but I promised myself to try not to sound like a lunatic and to try not to bore people with my opinions. I guess that's why I started this saves me from ranting in the bar in front of an audience of rolling eyes!! ;-)

Principled When It's Convenient

If anyone is following the blocking of President Bush's judicial appointments, or any appointment for that matter, has to realize that the people blocking votes on the matter are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Hypocracy runs rampant in the Democratic Party and shows no signs of abating.

Instead of having an agenda of their own, the Party of Obstruction would just rather stop any progress from being made, damn all consequences.

Michelle Malkin has a quick run down of the Say One Thing, Do Another Party.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

MSM's Catholic Slander Fest

CNN and NPR refer to Pope Benedict XVI as "God's Rottweiler"

John Roberts from CBS insists that "the man who was seen as far too controversial to head up the Church" and that "Many Catholics found nothing to celebrate."

Katie Couric loves to bring up that the Pope was a member of Hitler's Youth. No need to mention that he had little choice in the matter.

Reuters tells the world that the "poor and hungry often cannot afford to follow Roman Catholic doctrine."

Given the sources of Catholicism's critics, it makes me very proud to be a Catholic. It also makes me believe that the right man was chosen to be Pope.

Sexual Predator Recidivism

An innocent nine-year old girl was abducted from her home, held prisoner in some sicko's house raped, bound with plastic bags tied at her head, then buried alive. Could you imagine the poor girl's last thoughts? Could you imagine the girl's fear, pain and anguish for days?

Haven't we've seen enough Amber Alerts? It seems like every other day, there is another child abducted, raped and murdered. It makes me sick every time I see another innocent child suffer like that. It makes me even more sick when I find out the monster who did this has already been in trouble for sexual predatory offenses in the past.

There has to be different sentencing guidlines for sexual predators. It has been proven time and again that these particular criminals cannot be rehabilitated. They have the highest rate of recidivism of any type of criminal. Since these people cannot be changed, we need a different way to punish these vile human beings. I, personally, suggest extreme torture before death. Uday Hussein couldn't come up with some of the things that these monsters deserve. But, this being a civilized nation, we cannot impose real, true justice. So within our guidelines, I suggest the death penalty, if this cannot be imposed, then I would suggest that no sexual predator be released from prison until he is dead.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Vatican Keeps it Old Europe

I haven't been following the elections for the Papacy, but I think it is kind of ironic that they selected John Ratzinger of Germany, part of the ever-increasingly secular Europe as opposed to someone from Latin America or Africa where Catholicism is experiencing its largest growth.

UPDATE: Looks like he was appointed to save Europe from itself.

Air America Grounded

All over Manhattan are post signs for Air America. The ad will ask if you are "BUSHED?" and have some former B-movie, TV star or comedian who now fashions him or herself as a political pundit with some smug look on their face as reason to tune in. Now, New York City is as liberal as any place in the country. It ranks right up there with Old Europe. If anything, this radio station touting anything and everything anti-Bush would be a hit in this town, right? Think again. Air America is a total flop no matter where in the country it airs. It doesn't matter if it is in Jesusland or New York City, no one is listening.

My thought (hope?) was it would be a total flop just because it was just another drop in the overflowing bucket of liberal bias in the media. The main reason for my theory is the success of Fox News. If you compare Fox News to the rest of the cable news stations (MSNBC, CNN, CNN Headline News) ratings-wise, Fox has more viewers than all the others combined! Is it because all the people watching Fox are stupid (liberals explanation) or is it the country itself is more conservative than it is liberal? I'll admit, it may not be much more conservative, but if we just say that the country is 51% conservative and 49% liberal and there is one cable news station that has a conservative bias and there are 4 stations that have an obvious liberal bias, tell me, what station do you think will have the higher ratings? Any idiot can figure that out, except the ones that work for or invested their money in Air America.

LaShawn Barber has another hypothesis here.

Brian Anderson has a brilliant article on this here.

Friday, April 15, 2005

The Ubiquitous Associated Press

Isn't it amazing that Associated Press photographers seem to be at the right place at exactly the right time? These are photos of terrorist attacks caught on film by Associated Press photographers:

Here and here

Now, either the AP has a photographer on every single street corner in Iraq, or, the photographers are tipped off by terrorists.

Now, maybe I come from a different upbringing than some AP photographers, because I find it nothing short of repulsive to let people get killed so I can get a good picture that might help my career. Not to mention that these photos give the terrorists some free propaganda. Despicable.

UPDATE: Looks like the AP is not the only news organization with ties to terrorists. A CBS news stringer has been arrested as a suspected insurgent. It turns out that he has some photos that look like he was well tipped off in advance of attacks by terrorists.

Ken Lay vs. Franklin Raines

Chances are you've heard of Kenneth Lay. He was the CEO of Enron when it overstated its earnings by $567 million, causing the stock to tank and costing many investors and employees their savings. One could not even turn on the news or read a newspaper without something about Enron. The fact that it was located in Texas, donated to President Bush's campaign or had any ties with Dick Cheney was BIG news. In fact, you pretty much had to live on Mars to have not heard about Ken Lay and Enron.

Now, can anyone tell me who Franklin Raines is? Never heard of him? Don't worry, you're not alone. Even if you turn on the evening news or read the local daily paper, you probably still would not have heard of him. I only heard of him through Dan Gainor. Franklin Raines was the CEO of Fannie Mae, the federal home mortgage company. Under the leadership of Mr. Raines, Fannie Mae had accounting errors totalling around $11 Billion! Gainor puts it as "more than 19 times larger than Enron's error." 19 times larger than Enron's error?!?!? This has got to be a financial scandal of Oil for Food proportions! Given the amount of coverage Enron received the past couple of years, Fannie Mae has got to be on the cover of just about every magazine and newspaper, not to mention the top story on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and other MSM outlets! It's not? Why not?

Gainor quotes Charles Gasparino to explain why not. Gasparino is a reporter from Newsweek who describes Fannie Mae as a "politically correct company" that "do(es) the things liberal reporters like, like putting home mortgages out there for poor people." There you have it. You see, if a company loses or misstates billions of dollars in earnings, costing investors billions in stock losses it is not much of a scandal if it is "a politically correct company." Therefore, it gets ignored in the MSM. Will the whistleblower on this scandal be named Time Magazine's Person of the Year like the Enron whistleblowers? Yeah, right.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Rebuild the Twin Towers!

Almost four years after the Twin Towers site was reduced to the hideous pit it is today, there is some good news. Apparently, more and more people are coming around to the idea of rebuilding the Twin Towers to their former glory. God, I hope so!! The monstrous Freedom Tower with its defeatist "reflecting pools" and still-to-be-settled various memorials that turn the site into a necropolis would be nothing but a triumph to the filthy animals who destroyed it. It would be the symbol of Osama bin Laden's victory over the United States and a shame to all who live here. A majority of New Yorkers have always favored rebuilding the Twin Towers. Unfortunately, Governor Pataki refused to let them be an option in the rebuilding process. Instead, he installed yet another bureaucracy (as if New York doesn't have enough!) to oversee what gets built and who gets what federal money. Now, with the current groundswell of support, maybe King George Pataki will disband his crony-filled Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and accept the will of the people.

There was never any public movement for the silly Freedom Tower. It was picked from a handful of other useless designs to choose from. Unfortunately, rebuilding the Twin Towers was never an option to vote on. Pataki refused to allow any discussion of returning the World Trade Center to its former glory! It was a shameless display of our government deciding what's best for the public without any public input. Even when people were still skittish about the attacks, poll after poll consistently reported more than 50% of New Yorkers wanted the Twin Towers rebuilt.

I can't help but feel a pang of sadness every time I walked by, or entered the pit via the PATH train. The construction crews cleared the place out and got the PATH trains running well ahead of schedule, but the endless bickering and haggling dragged down any real construction efforts. Now, I believe all the fighting between Daniel Libeskind (designer of the freedom tower), David Childs (the guy who would build it), Larry Silverstein (holder of the lease) and finally, do-nothing George was a blessing in disguise. Now there is a movement for rebuilding the Towers and restoring New York City's skyline. Please take a look at these articles by:

Deroy Murdock

Nicole Gelinas

New York Post Editorial

This is a website that promotes rebuilding, Team Twin Towers. Please feel free to make a donation to help them get the word out. I contributed to them over the past couple of years and they sent me the coolest t-shirt. It is the "REBUILD" logo on the upper right on the homepage. I wear it all the time.

Check out the design: Twin Towers II

The United States has rebounded tremendously since that awful day. Our economy has recovered, we've defeated the Taliban and installed a democracy there. We've toppled Saddam Hussein and, they too, have embraced democracy. Syria is planning to withdraw from Lebanon, Palestinians have had free elections and Libya has been cooperating with the West. There is plenty left to do and there will be plenty of setbacks ahead in the War on Terror. But, let's continue the current winning streak and REBUILD THE TWIN TOWERS!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Clinton's Berg(l)er

I'll have to admit I stole the play on the “Berg(l)er”. I think it was from Michelle Malkin (my favorite blogger).

The guy has been out of office for more than four years, yet we still have another Clinton scandal to add to the long, long (and apparently, never-ending) list of scandals that has come from our boy Slick Willie and his band of scam artists.

Sandy “Socks” Berger is the latest in a long line of people (Susan McDougal, Vince Foster, Monica Lewinsky, Johnnie Chung, former Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker and Webb Hubbell) who have taken the fall to protect the Clintons. This is well detailed in the latest Dick Morris column.

I have been looking for months for the latest news on Sandy to no avail. The MSM apparently didn’t deem this story newsworthy. A senior member of the Clinton’s Cabinet stealing and destroying confidential documents that could’ve exposed the Administration’s culpability for the September 11 attacks is not “news that’s fit to print” apparently.

Well, Sandy “Scissorhands” Berger has pleaded guilty to stealing these documents, then cutting them up and destroying them in his fireplace (perhaps he was swirling a glass of brandy by the fire in his robe). Bill Clinton’s reaction? “Well, that’s Sandy for you. We were laughing about it on the way here.” This is a laughable accusation? Is the public really this stupid to buy this one? The guy stuffed these documents in his pants, socks and jacket inadvertently!?!? I am not surprised though. The Clinton’s have been playing the country for fools for many years now and, you know what? We are fools! It is laughable to him. He must’ve been thinking to himself, “what a bunch of suckers, no one will care about this in six months.” And he is right. Our former snake oil salesman, I mean, President and his wife get away with it all the time.

Ok, ok, Sandy “Firestarter” Berger admitted his wrongdoing. He pleaded guilty to…a misdemeanor? Stealing confidential, top-secret documents is a misdemeanor? Smoking pot in public is a misdemeanor, destroying evidence is a felony in my book. At least, according to Dick Morris, the Berg(l)er’s path to being the next Democratic Secretary of State is ruined. No worries though, Hillary made it clear that Sandy is still in the Clintonista family.

Stay tuned, I am sure we’ll have many more stories of illegal fund raisers, back-handed deals for voting blocks, shared weapons secrets with enemies, ignored terror threats and witness intimidation to look forward to when Hillary gets her turn to run for President.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Empire State's Clotheless Emperor

New York Governor George E. Pataki is considering a run for the Presidency or Vice Presidency in 2008. On what record exactly? The man first ran for Governor in 1994 as a cut-taxes, cut-spending fiscal watchdog. Another key promise was to re-instate the death penalty in New York State. Even one of his commercials depicted then Governor Mario Cuomo as a tax and spend liberal who flew around the state in a taxpayer-funded helicopter while New York was in financial shambles.
Well, the first couple of years in term one, Pataki did deliver on some of his promises. He cut taxes, spurring economic growth in New York. He got the death penalty reinstated and even reigned in New York's out of control spending addiction a little bit.
Unfortunately, this period of reform was short lived. New York's spending is once again out of control. Taxes are raised in some form every year to cover budget deficits. Along with a whole slew of financial shenanigans (hey guys, how about we issue some more bond debt to raise money!?!?!) that future generations of New Yorkers will be paying for a long time, we are now toying with the idea of legalized gambling to cover some debt. The death penalty? What a laugh. Not one person was put to death the entire time it was reinstated. And, to add insult to injury, it was just reversed by our own overreaching judiciary. What has Georgie done while all his reforms have effectively been thrown out? I don't know, it is hard to ask him. He's busy flying around in Cuomo's old helicopter.

R.I.P. Pope John Paul II

The Pope's passing really brought his life's work into the forefront. I am a Catholic, but I was never a real verbatim follower of the Church or the Pope. But seeing so many people come out in droves and how they adored this man is absolutely incredible. In short, this was a man of peace, love and freedom proved it throughout the world. Just the fact that the godless Soviet Union government saw him as such a threat to their power that they orchestrated the 1981 assassination attempt speaks volumes about this man's ability to touch people and encourage freedom for all. I cannot possibly write anything as well as, or to the extent to, the many written tributes I've read to Pope John Paul II so all I will say is this was an amazing man and truly one of God's gifts to the world. Rest in Peace, Il Papa.

Johnnie's Legacy

Johnnie Cochran was always a man who wanted to be acknowledged as a defender of civil rights, a defender of the "little guy" who couldn't afford to defend himself against the powerful. Isn't it ironic that he'll be best remembered as the man who got a commercial spokesman, ex-football player, multi-millionaire who murdered two defenseless (unarmed) people off the hook?

Yankees 1 - Red Sox 0

Looks like things are getting back to normal again.