Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sasha and Malia's Principal Says Their Father is Selfish

Via the NY Post:

"WASHINGTON -- The headmaster of the private school where President Obama sends his children pleaded with lawmakers yesterday to continue the government program that allows underprivileged students in the city to attend the exclusive school.

"There is little question that society benefits immensely when opportunities are offered to all, not simply to some," Bruce Stewart, head of Sidwell Friends School, said yesterday during a Senate committee hearing on the decision by Obama and Democrats in Congress to kill the voucher program that has helped 1,700 DC students get into private schools.

This puts Stewart and others testifying yesterday at stark odds with the father of Sidwell Friends' two most famous students, Sasha and Malia Obama.

Their father decided earlier this month to allow students enrolled in the Opportunity Scholarship Program to continue with their private schooling, but to kill the program for others.

Stewart said he has not discussed the matter with Obama and said his school strives to avoid partisan politics.

Asked generally what he thinks of those who would send their children to a private school but deny vouchers for those less fortunate, Stewart said, "It's selfish. So, it's all determined by the accident of birth."

It is selfish. It is also hypocritical, elitist, sanctimonius and morally corrupt. So much more so for someone who claims to champion education as well as claim to be a voice for the poor.

Worst 100 Day Start Ever

Bow to me, infidel!

I know I am about three weeks late with this. But, lost in all the fawning of our Dear Leader was just how ill-equipped this man really is for the first real job of his life.

I couldn't let this NY Post piece go by without posting it.

100 Days, 100 Mistakes

Minority Kids Denied Same Education Opportunity as Sasha and Malia

The New Messiah has decided to kill the DC Voucher program to help poor kids get out of horrible DC Public Schools and attend Private Schools, just like his kids do.


Worse: The Associated Press is carrying their hero's water on this. Take a look at this:

Vouching for Kids
O Backs Extending DC Program

Talk about misleading. All he is doing here is not kicking out the kids already in the program and sending them back to public schools. He is still killing the program by not allowing anyone else in. Disgusting! He's only covering his ass because if word got out that kids who were succeeding in the Voucher Program were being shipped back to awful DC public schools, people would see it for what it is.

Teacher Union Money is way more important to Democrats than poor minority kids' education.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why I Hate the Government

It would be Un-American to raise taxes on this
If you make big bucks — or enjoy alcohol, cigarettes and Coke — the government might hit you up to pay for fixing the nation’s health care system.

On Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee peeked into vending machines and liquor stores, company payrolls and health savings accounts, looking for a mix of tax increases and spending cuts as a way to pay for a health overhaul — which could cost more than $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

So, the government decides to spend enormous, unaffordable amounts on socialized health care first, then tries to come up with ways to pay for it after. Doesn't this sound like the cause for this financial crisis? Irresponsible people buying things first, then worrying about ways to pay for it after? Unfortunately for taxpayers, our elected officials are at their very best in finding new ways to burden us with new ways to pay for their goodies!

Biggest Suckup of the Week

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've read something and thought to myself, that has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever read in my life. Unfortunately, there is something even more silly right behind it. If I can keep up, I will make this a weekly post.

This week's is either laughable or vomit inducing. It is almost something you'd read in the Onion as pure satire. But, sadly, it is not. The author knows no shame. I would like to think Michelle herself, would find this embarrassing, but we've seen just how much the first family enjoys their press.

Anyway, without further adieu....this week's suckup award goes to Sally Quinn of the Washington Post for her essay, The Nation's Embracing, and Embraceable Arms.

Some choice quotes:

"Michelle Obama's arms, we determined, were transformational. Her arms are representative of a new kind of woman: young, strong, vigorous, intelligent, accomplished, sexual, powerful, embracing and, most of all, loving."
- Good Lord, have we missed anything else in the thesaurus?

"Today is Mother's Day. Today we should celebrate Michelle Obama's arms as the arms of a mother."
- Happy Michelle's Arms day, Mom!

"Nothing could be more empowering than to see a woman with all of the attributes of Michelle Obama embrace her children the way she does."
- No other mother can embrace her kids because they don't have Michelle's arms.

"Michelle Obama happens to be physically beautiful. She is tall, regal, elegant and statuesque, and her power has been enhanced by that attractiveness."
- Yeah, maybe to liberal suckups and fellow Wookies.

5 Surprise Quizzes - 5 Fs

Have you seen junior's grades?
Joe Biden is not right too often, but he sure was right on the money when he said the world would test our new President with the least amount of experience since John F. Kennedy, just like JFK himself was tested by the Soviets.

This time, it's China that's testing the mettle of the Fresh Prince. Four times since the initial confrontation that was reported here in the US.

China seems to enjoy sending fishing boats to harass unarmed US Navy surveillance ships in international waters. Why not? They suffer no repercussions whatsoever. After the first incident, the US response was, “We will be developing a way forward to deal with this diplomatically.” there anything these guys don't want to have a diplomatic discussion about?

Oh, you didn't hear about this? Yeah, me neither. At least I didn't from the Obamaganda machine, I mean, the US press.

Unfortunately, we have to rely on foreign newspapers to get an account of just how little respect the New Messiah is getting from international community.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

TV Talk Show Host of the Mindless declares First Lady of the Mindless Best EVER!

Best Ever...for some reason
Oprah, leader of millions of middle-aged female lemmings:

"Seeing as how Michelle is the greatest First Lady we've ever known, not to take anything away from the other First Ladies, but I think its so fantastic that she's tonight's guest and leads the pack of influentials."

It is a perfect example of the hyperbole that is stated without question that infuriates me. Don't bother with any facts or talk about past accomplishments (or lack thereof), just declare them the best. If you don't agree, you must be stupid or a racist or something.

More choice quotes from our betters from that night:

"I think that we see that Michelle is someone of multi-dimensions, and that you don't have to be just one thing, you can be many things. In many ways were just getting to know all that she can and will do." - Objective Journalist Diane Sawyer

"She's very warm. She's very sane. She's not crazy like some people in politics." - Insane Co-Host of The View, Joy Behar

UPDATE: I just wanted to add to this. By her own admission, appearing on Sesame Street "is the best thing I’ve done so far in the White House." With such an accomplishment, I guess that makes her undisputably the greatest EVER!