Friday, June 17, 2005

Hide The Animals!! Here Comes PETA!

Looks like the PETA folks are at it again.

This is hypocracy at its best. The group's mission is to protect animals, but they kill more defenseless animals than any fur coat owner!!

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Billionaire Rules for New York

Consider this:

You own a home, an expensive home in a very expensive neighborhood. One day a year, every year, there is a parade that goes down your block even though the people celebrating are not your neighbors. At the end of the parade, your property is trampled on and/or your or your next door neighbor's property is vandalized. Now, you don't have the power to have the parade moved or canceled. So, as a property owner you have no other choice but to put up a fence or board up your windows.

So the annual vandalism day approaches and you start taking measures to protect your property. While doing so, the local police come over and threaten to fine you, by order of the Mayor, for protecting your private property even though it is your right to do so! Outrageous!

Welcome to New York City's annual Puerto Rican day parade. The Mayor wants their votes, badly. So he intimidates private property owners with fines for violating non-existant laws to make sure the parade attendees are not "insulted".

This is coming from the same guy who is trying to end all large concerts in Central Park because his apartment overlooks Central Park and doesn't like the large crowds that turned out for Simon and Garfunkel, Dave Matthews and Garth Brooks, etc. The only concerts suitable would be the orchestras and symphonies that our mayor and his billionaire friends like.

This is coming from the same guy who banned smoking in all bars and restaurants because he hates smoking and smokers. Nothing would ruin a night at Cipriani like someone smoking a cigarette at the bar. Therefore, no smoking in any place, small businesses (and a dead bouncer who enforced the law) be damned!

This is how a billionaire protects his self-interests. All the lifelong democrat (from Boston, no less) had to do was buy the New York Republican party off, become mayor and make rules that suit him and his friends. As F. Scott Fitzgerald observed, "The rich are different than you or me."

Back to the Bad New York?

Beggers who infest our streets harrassing people for money are now suing the city to continue their aggressive panhandling.

(By the way, the woman pictured in the Post article is fairly well off for a panhandler. The Post followed her months ago back to her Harlem co-op and exposed her for the fraud that she is.)

Anyone who remembers New York City before Rudy Guiliani will tell of tales of filthy squeegie men who would basically attack any motorist who dared come into the city. The second you would pull up to a red light, there would be a couple of degenerates trying to wash your car windshield with dirty water and newspaper then demand money for their unwanted service. I remember panhandlers in nearly every busy subway entrance accosting law-abiding citizens on their way to work and intimidating them for spare change. Ever have a nice outdoor meal ruined by some dirtbag with his hand out over your table? It's not a pretty experience.

If this lawsuit is successful, we are taking yet another step back to the dark days. If I am ever again approached by some degenerate shaking his coffee cup full of change at me, I just might smack the cup out of his hand and laugh while watching him chase down his ill-gotten change.

Torture at Gitmo!!

Finally, I agree that the poor prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are being tortured. Today's NY Post reports that they are now subject to Christine Aguilera music.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Can You Believe This?

From the NY Post's "Weird But True" section:

An Israeli man angry with his wife over money matters set fire to 3 million shekels - that's $680,000 - on the lawn of his affluent suburban home.
After reaching the end of his rope in the marital spat, he opened his family safe, took out fistfuls of bank notes, stuffed them in sacks, dragged them outside and lit them up.
"In 36 years, I have never seen nothing like it," said one fireman in Rehovet, near Tel Aviv.

Can you believe this? Yeah, neither can I.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Traitor Reveals Himself

After over 30 years, Deep Throat reveals himself to the public. A deathbed confession from a G-man who betrayed his profession? A man so wrought with guilt that he undermined all of his superiors and caused the nation to look weak in the heat of the Cold War? Unfortunately, the answer is no to both questions. It is time to pay some of his family's bills, so before he dies or loses all of his memory, it is book-deal time.

W. Mark Felt was the FBI's number 2 man. After J. Edgar Hoover was gone, he didn't get the top job. So basically, a very bitter man who got passed over for promotion decided to take it to the President. If he knew all these connections to the Watergate break in led to the Nixon White House, he should have told prosecuters. That would have been his professional duty. But, W. Mark Felt was a small, bitter man. He took the weasel way out. He went to the press instead.

Now, today, there is a buck to be made. Therefore, Mr. Felt is not only a traitor and a rat, he is now a whore. I guess Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein saw something in him, hence the name Deep Throat.

Bloomberg's Anti-Smoking Policies Kill Again

After Michael Bloomberg became Mayor of New York City he declared war on smoking. The reason? He hates smoking and smokers. Apparently, whenever he went to dinner at, say, Cirpriani or Daniel, he hated when people smoked in his hoity toity restaurants. Therefore, one of his first moves after becoming mayor was to ban smoking in all restaurants and bars.
This move took many people by surprise, after all, there was no major groundswell of support

A fued between two cigarette bootleggers led to one killing another. Cigarette bootleggers? One might ask, who bootlegs a legal product? Well, in New York City, bootlegging cigarettes is a profitable industry. You see, because Mayor Mike hates smoking, he raised taxes on cigarettes to a level that makes them the most expensive in the country. A pack of cigarettes in New York City will set you back $7.50. If you bought the same pack of cigarettes in North Carolina, it will cost $2.50. That's $5 in taxes a pack! So, when you create such a disparity in price, you create a black market. When you create a black market, the end result is crime and eventually, it will lead in murder.

This is the second time Bloomberg's anti-smoking policies have led to someone's death. The first is when a bouncer got stabbed for asking a patron to leave the bar because he was smoking. Mayor Mike's reasoning for banning smoking in bars was "to protect bar employees' health." He then went on to cite false statements about second-hand smoke killing thousands of non-smokers every year. This statement is patently false. There has NEVER been an autopsy stating "second hand smoke" as the cause of death. NEVER. So, no lives are saved in Mike's crusade against smokers, but 2 people are now dead.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Amnesty Hyperbole

Last week, Amnesty International called the U.S. prison camp Guantanamo Bay the "gulag of our times."

This claim is nothing more than a farce. The hyperventilators at Amnesty have always been a bit out there, but to compare Guantanamo Bay to the Soviet Gulags is pure America-bashing and nothing more.

Let's put this into perspective here, it is estimated that there were up to 25 million forced-labor slaves in the Soviet gulags during their reign of terror. Their crimes? Anyone suspected of dissent against the Soviet Union was a candidate for sentencing to a lifetime of forced labor in Siberia. Many thousands of those died from exhaustion, starvation and freezing to death. For more on the Soviet Gulags, read John Poderetz' article here.

Now, let's compare this to the treatment of the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. The inmates are given three meals a day, have signs all over the prison pointing to Mecca for their 5 daily prayers, some are even allowed to get exercise 7-9 hours a day! Take a look at Deroy Murdock's article here on the treatment of Guantanamo's prisoners. You'd be astonished how well the "gulag of our times(')" residents are treated.

With outrageous statements like Amnesty's, is there no wonder that more and more activist groups are losing almost all credibility?

UPDATE - June 2, 2005 - Guess which Presidential candidate received Amnesty's political donations last year.

God Bless Our Troops

I wanted to post this over Memorial Day weekend, but again, I have been swamped. So here's a belated post to the troops.

I just wanted to say while we were out enjoying our barbeques and drinking beer, we owe it all the servicemen and women all around the world that make our life of freedom the way it is. It is too easy to overlook the sacrifices these young people make every day for us. I just wanted to point out one site, called If you can look at this site and not have tears in your eyes, you are Un-American. While visiting, you can sign the guest book and write a quick note to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

While thinking of the troops, you also may want to stop by the USO site and donate a care package for a soldier defending your freedoms. For $25, a care package provides such minimal items that we take for granted every day like a disposable camera, phone cards, sunscreen and toiletries.